If you can Dreamit, we can do it. Head-turning décor. Awe-inspiring hors d’oeuvres. Brilliantly bubbling cocktails. Memories captured from a classic photobooth or from a drone. A day unlike any other. This is a Hotel Nia wedding. Our hotel serves some of Silicon Valley’s most creative minds, and we’re prepared to host and create truly remarkable weddings. Expressive of your individuality, yet mindful of everyone’s needs. Stylish, comfortable guest rooms and adventurous cuisine. Lively bachelorette parties by the pool. Easygoing, morning-after lawn games in the courtyard. All the elements are in place. The only thing missing is your unique vision to bring it to life. D r e a m W i s h E n c h a n t D e l i g h t C e l e b r a t e C h e r i s h R e v e l I n s p i r e