COURTYARD CENTER COURTYARD SOUTH BRILLIANCE A PORTA BLU RESTAURANT PORTA BLU BAR CLARITY BRILLIANCE B BRILLIANCE C BRILLIANCE BALLROOM FOYER OFFICE 1st floor Let imagination shine. Whether you’re hosting a business function or a social event, all 15,654 square feet of our gathering spaces are designed to accommodate even the most vivid of imaginations. And yet these highly adaptable spaces also come with the good bones you seek. Natural light, which is proven to enhance productivity and focus, flows abundantly through floor-to-ceiling glass windows. State-of-the-art technology moves meetings along with ease. Playful outdoor venues abound, with courtyard lawn games, a high-energy pool deck and the sun-splashed patios of the restaurant and bar. An ongoing series of seminars enhance creativity. Whatever your needs, our menu of amenities is designed to help your team produce its best work. Gather