Experience Why not? That’s our favorite question. There’s a palpable sense of curiosity throughout our venues. We adore the challenge of the never-been-done. And the adrenaline of wait- until-you-see-this. Know that anything bobbing to the surface of your imagination is worth exploring at Hotel Nia. Your setting is already in place, with 250 guest rooms and intriguing communal spaces for both work and play. Our skilled, inventive associates know just how to craft each moment to match your vision. And mobile apps for check-in, room entry and concierge services add to the convenience. But Hotel Nia shines brightest when going beyond expectations to provide memorable moments, such as an impromptu mixology session on the pool deck. Yoga and bubbles on the lawn. TED Talks, scavenger hunts and 80s video game contests on a wall-sized screen. Amazing isn’t a word that we take lightly here. It’s what we expect of ourselves as hosts. And it’s the feeling we hope to impart to you and each of your guests after an event at Hotel Nia.